Sunday, October 5, 2014

A little slice of Greece

I am not a big fan of Houston in general but there's one thing that Houston is really good at and that is being a city full of different cultures and arts. There are so many different races in Houston and so many celebrations and festivals are held to let everyone else in on some of their culture. 

One of the biggest festivals is the Greek Festival held in AOS (a Greek Orthodox School). I have been going to this festival for as long as I remember and I wouldn't be surprised if baklava was my first word...

The best part of the festival is the food and you can never get enough so we usually take a lot of boxes back home

from kebabs...


to the "dinner plate" with pastitsio, tiropita, spanakopita, keftedes, and Greek salata...

and straight to the desert- baklava, kourambiedes, finikia, koulourakia, and rice pudding


There are also plenty of other options such as gyros, Greek custard, etc.

Another main part of the festival is the booths that are set inside of the building filled with different Greek objects and materials. All of the stands are run by Greeks with products that are shipped all the way from Greece.


The festival is constantly playing Greek music and at night it is live. Every now and then they have performances demonstrating original Greek dances. Opa!

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