Monday, September 1, 2014

5 Fall/Winter Fashion Essentials

Fall is right around the corner and that means its time to ditch the shorts and bikinis for sweaters and beanies! I love the bright colors and cute shorts I get to wear during the summer but something about fall/winter clothing gets to all of us doesn't it? 
Here are 5 fashion must-haves for this fall/winter that are some of my favorites along with examples and links!

1. Ankle Boots


Ankle boots are probably my favorite fall/winter trend of all. They come in all different colors and materials and range in prices. I personally like the ones with a smaller heel because I feel like they can go along with so many outfits. They can be used to dress up a simple outfit and to dress down a fancy dress. My favorites!


2. Plaid

Image 1 of CHECKED SHIRT from Zara

I never thought plaid would start trending but now I can't go into a store without seeing it! Before, I didn't really know what could go with plaid but its actually very easy to pair with because of all the different colors that are available. I wear my plaid shirt unbuttoned, with a white tank top underneath and jean shorts. You can also wear it with a black skirt and some ankle boots. 


3. Simple dresses 

Something that never goes out of fashion is a simple dress. Of course when you see a dress with a fun pattern or design you have to grab it, but sometimes they can be so hard to accessorize or they don't need any accessories at all! A simple dress is fun because the possibilities are endless. You can dress them up or down with as many accessories as you want (just don't go overboard). For fall/winter I wear my simple dresses with tights and loose sweaters and of course... ankle boots.

2. NastyGal- Put In Work Dress

4. Tights and Socks

You know that girl in your class that always talks about wanting to go to a school where the uniform includes knee-high socks? Well we can all pretend to be going to one of those schools when summer leaves. Tights and socks seem like such an obvious winter/fall essential but there are so many options. People tend to stay away from the crazier ones with patterns and different colors but they can brighten up an outfit!

1. Free People- Lovers Leap Thigh Hi
4. Urban Outfitters- Open Crotchet Floral Crew Sock 
5. Urban Outfitters- Emilio Cavallini Tapestry Tight

5. Headbands 
Image 1 of Rock 'N Rose Harriet Strawberries Floral CrownImage 1 of RIGID HAIR BAND from Zara

Finally headbands are getting the spotlight they deserve. I have always been a fan of headbands and have so many of them. They are my favorite accessories and there are so many different styles. The main ones that are trending, are of course the flower crowns and there's also a sort of Greek theme around most headbands. These are the perfect accessories for winter because you can wear a simple outfit with neutral colors and wearing a headband will add the small bit of color it needs. 

1. Free People - Before Sunrise HeadPiece
2. Anthropologie-Wildflowers Turban
4. ZARA- Rigid Hair Band


  1. Gorgeous things!
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  2. Great post! I can't wait for the winter months when we can layer plaid shirts with cosy jumpers. I also love the black dress with the collar, really cute :)


    1. thank you! i can't wait either, layering is so much fun :)