Tuesday, May 26, 2015

New York City: Day 3

One of the reasons New York is one of my favorite cities is because of the variety of museums it has. Everywhere you turn you will bump into museums that can take a whole day to go through or one that you can walk through quickly during your lunch break. 

On the third day we first went to the Museum of Natural History. It has everything you can imagine. 

It was filled with people but the museum is so big that you can easily get to the sections that are less noisy. They constantly have tours led by volunteers who might have full time jobs and like to share their knowledge during their lunch breaks. 

This is also where Night at the Museum was shot and you'll see many familiar characters such as the statue in the picture up above! 

After eating lunch at the museum, we went back to the hotel to get ready to go to the Museum of Modern Art, or the MOMA. 

This was a Friday, and on Fridays in the afternoon they let people come to the MOMA for free so it was full. Here are some of my favorite art pieces I saw. 


They also have a section with more modern art that is sort of interactive, such as a book that reads out all of the years that have passed or a room that simply has a bright, white screen:

and this wall that these girls were looking at for about an hour: 

The MOMA is one of my favorite museums as it contains most of the artists I look up to the most. Not only does it have some of the world's most valuable art, but the architecture and design of the museum itself is a work of art.

Right after, we went to The Modern, a very nice restaurant that require reservations in advance. They have a bar, an area for normal dinners, and a separate area that offers a 7 plate dinner. They are also very kind to their guests as they pay attention to all allergies, including gluten! 

Finally, we went back to our hotel and when I looked out my window at 11:30, there was still a long line of people waiting in the cold at the Halal Guys. 

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